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  • Top Water Fishing Time

    As the grass grows beneath the water line the top water bite gets better and better; the next few months will be as good as it gets all year. The key is finding the right cover, depth and using the correct top water bait.

    When your fishing on top understanding the technique and correct presentation can make the difference in your day; you must know what top water bait fits what conditions. I break my top water baits into a few categories; baits for shore line cover; baits for open water and baits for cover on top in open water. Doing this allows you to separate your baits and put them in boxes for the different conditions you find on the water.

    Shore Line cover is different it forces you to find weed-less baits and work directly to the edge of the shore line; casting accuracy is imperative so choosing a top water bait you can place where you want it makes a difference. The SPRO frog is a great choice, itís weed-less, itís weighted enough for and accurate cast and you can work in all kinds of shore line cover. Open water allows you to do many different things with a top water bait, so I try to look at the weather conditions to determine my choice, if there is a chop I generally use some sort of walking bait like a spook or equivalent; in windy conditions its catches fish. Itís also heavy enough to throw into the wind allowing you to spend less time worrying about over runs while casting. The stronger the wind the bigger size walking bait I use, as the bigger profile moves more water.

    Lastly open water baits with cover allows me to be creative, I believe there is two ways to fish this along the edge and in the cover. The edge of cover to me is ideal for running a Picasso buzz bait along the cover; itís noisy it brings fish out of the cover and itís a bait you can present on the edge of any type of cover. Buzz baits just plain catch fish and working the outside edges is as good as it gets for a Picasso buzz bait. In the cover is simple, itís just another opportunity to fish a SPRO frog.

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