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  • Summertime Shadows

    Itís no secret that the heat of the summer forces you to look for different structure and find something that is a reason for fish to hold on a spot. If your observant enough you can target the shadows as the corners and edges around cover hide the sun from the bass and helps them feed. Target the shadows and your targeting the bass.
    One of the best summertime patterns that always has shadows is boat docks, it creates cover, it causes shade around the edges and bass find there way to the shadows in the heat of the day. Boat docks have many advantages for those that have the patience to target them. If their pulling water boat docks create jetty areas where the current pulls around the edges of the docks and create oxygen; combine the current with some blocking of the sunlight and you have an excellent place to catch bass in the heat of the summer. Bait fish seem to migrate to the shadows of the docks and as the bait fish move so will the bass. Itís no secret the bass follow the bait and boat docks attract the bait and the bass during the hottest and sunniest part of the day.

    Targeting the corners of boat docks with worms, or jigs can be excellent locations to load the boat; add some deep water near the corners of the boat house and you have just increased your chances of catching good fish. Boat houses with deep water are great tournament spots, its big fish heaven and being precise with casts to the fishy spots will catch you fish. Key is patience, make sure that bait drops to the bottom shake it, move it slowly around the edges and you will be paid the rewards. Many days the shadows around boat houses early in the morning extend your fishing day as the shadows become areas of cooler water temperatures as the sun migrates to the midday heights. Combine the shadows with some early top water action and many times the top water bite is really-strong around the shadow edges of boat docks.

    Shadows cool the water, reduce the sunlight, and create ambush places for bass as the bait migrate to the edges.