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  • Miss Judy Charters provides Inshore fishing, Offshore fishing, and Gulf Stream fishing charters. Whether it's sport fishing for the serious angler or a leisurely day for the family, we have the trip for you. We have been fishing in Savannah, Tybee and adjacent waters for over 50 years. We have the knowledge for your inshore and offshore fishing adventure.

  • Savannah Fishing Report - GA

    Ali DeYoung is holding her mother Carmenís just caught scamp grouper. What did it hit? A small piece of squid! What were the rest of us using for bait while fishing right next to Carmen? Big baits and live baits! Did we catch a grouper? NO! Some would call this beginners luck others will call this sheer catching determination! What does all of this mean? Itís time to go fishing with catching on the mind!

    While inshore fishing with Captain Tommy Williams of Miss Judy Charters Gavin Ruark age 10 from Watkinsville, Georgia caught over 20 and kept 7, which consisted of 4 black drum and 3 red fish. I asked why he released the rest. And Gavinís answer was a simple one, ďI only kept what I thought I could eat!Ē I like his way of thinking! And donít I wish there were more fishermen out there that also had this same thought pattern! From out of the mouth of babeís!

    A Cooper Mahi Mahi Smile!
    While Gulf Stream fishing with his father Jimmy Dewberry, David Palmer caught this nice Mahi Mahi! Cooper Dewberry age 5 assisted! Donít you just love it when a young fisherman assists in catching a fish that is a longer than he is tall!
    Inshore fishing report and suggestions!

    For those inshore fishermen that just want to catch fish I suggest purchasing or catching some live shrimp. This is the number one bait that all fish like. With that being said, ďYour chances for hooking up when baiting up with live shrimp are very good!Ē And the bottom line is that all fish like to eat shrimp, because itís easy for them to catch, itís easy eat, and they are just like us, they just plain love the taste! Now I have to tell you that last month proved to most of us inshore fishermen that live shrimp was hard to come by. Brown shrimp in the Turner Creek and Wilmington River areas just didnít grow big enough fast enough to be caught in a net or used on a hook. Hopefully the month of July will offer better baiting up options! So if you canít purchase live shrimp you just might be able to get some by throwing the cast now. Now, if you canít buy or catch live shrimp you will have to go into the improvising mode, which mean use whatís available. During this time the creeks are full of peanut menhaden. They can stay pretty healthy if you donít try to keep too many alive in your well at once. In the back of creeks there are schools finger mullet, which are the perfect size for sure! The mud minnows especially during these leans live shrimp times have really saved us. This bait can be caught using a minnow trap baited with bacon, cat food, or saltines. I have one captain that swears that if you put a small McDonald burger in the trap the muds just canít turn away. Now what hits these improvised baits? The larger versions of spotted sea trout, flounder, and red fish! The secret to using these baits is that you have to give the larger fish time to eat!

    Captain Stephen Thompson of Miss Judy Charters is trying to pick up this just caught very green cobia! What is a very green fish? It is a fish that still has lots fight left. And hereís the thing this covers in the water and out!

    More on inshore fishing!
    When it comes to fishing with live shrimp, finger mullet, peanut menhaden, or mud minnows there are several good presentations: There is the traditional adjustable float, which comes in all sizes from super large to mini sizes. The ever popular popping cork, which when popped makes a sound just like a fleeing live shrimp. The only down side to using this float is your length of leader used restricts you to depth of water fished. The leader shouldnít be longer than 4 feet and canít be shorter than 12 inches. I suggest using this float when fishing in depths from 2 to 6 feet of water. Then there is ďfishing naked!Ē Most fishermen want to do this, because the weather is so hot. No I am not talking about taking your clothes off! When fishing naked all you do is tie on a short leader to your main line and then tie on a small Kahle hook. Then I suggest placing the hook under the shrimpís horn located on top of the head and letting the shrimp make way its own way. When it comes to using peanut menhaden, finger mullet or mud minnows I suggest lip hooking them. Or another hooking up method is placing the hook right behind the dorsal fin. Itís a known fact that all baits once laced on a hook will try to go where they feel safe and itís also a known fact that larger fish have already figured the baitís game of hide and seek out.

    Jody and Lori Earhart of Nashville, Tennessee took a inshore fish catching chance! And who showed them the way? Captain Garrett Ross of Miss Judy Charters

    Captain Garrett Ross of Miss Judy Charters took Roger and Rene Zhao Atlanta, Georgia on a fun full day of fishing!

    Whatís on the table? Some really nice spotted sea trout and whiting!
    While inshore fishing with Captain Garrett Ross of Miss Judy Charters Taylor and Jeff Nichols (Stephens, Arkansas) had one heck of a fish catching time! And you know what? They had a great first mate! And who was that? Captain Garrettís daughter Chyler!

    Eight year old Gabe Kessler and his father Jeremiah of Covington had quite spotted sea trout catching day while inshore fishing with Captain Tommy Williams of Miss Judy Charters.
    Whatís this? 10 nice trout what does this means? Gabe and his father Jeremiah are going to take home 20 dinner fillets or 40 look-a-like McDonald fish sandwiches.

    John and Melissa Primm of Rock Hill South Carolina inshore fished with Captain Stephen Thompson of Miss Judy Charters. Cameron Cohen assisted!

    Inshore Shark Sound Fishing!
    Welcome to Shark-Ville!

    Captain Alan Collins of Miss Judy Charters is showing us the shark catching way! Is this a big shark? Was this shark caught, fought, and released in Wassaw sound?
    Once again I ask, ďIs this a big shark?Ē YES! For those that want to feel the pulling power from one of these fish, now is the time!

    Shark fishing is very good during this time of the year. Lots of sharks are being landed while fishing in the sounds, off the beach fronts, around surfacing schooling baits, and while fishing all points east. Since it is my opinion that it is shark mating season time it seems that they are a little more lively offering a longer/stronger fight. As far as the tackle it really doesnít matter whether or not you are light tackle fishing with smaller baits or heavy tackle fishing with larger baits your chances of having a great fish fight is very good!

    Best baits to use when shark fishing is just about anything you got on hand. I have caught them on shrimp, cut fish, whole live, and whole dead fish. My number one bait used is what I call a fish steak. What is a fish steak? It is any size whole fish cut up like a loaf of bread. Since sharks are free to roam any depth of the water column Öfishing from the bottom to the surface are great areas to present your preferred bait. Why? A sharkís keen scent of smell is unbelievable. Even the smallest drop of blood or the smallest scent from bait such as a fish steak can be detected from long distances.

    Artificial Reefs

    Even with the offshore waters as warm as it is, we are still catching trophy red fish at the artificial reefs. John Devaro Savannah, Georgia is holding a nice soon to be released red fish. What did it eat? A small piece of squid! Just goes to show all of us once again that the old saying, ďElephants eat peanuts!Ē brings a lot to light! What does this mean? A large fish will pass up larger bait for a smaller one!

    It seems and I am glad to report that all artificial reefs in the Savannah Georgia areas from the coast to those in 60 plus feet of water are holding the attention of Spanish and King mackerel! If you have fished for Spanish and king before you already know the standard bait, which is Clark Spoons and Drone spoons! And yes for those that want to light tackle I suggest live lining greenies, cigar minnows, or menhaden! Donít forget you gaff or you cast net or your camera!

    Savannah Snapper Banks
    It is time to go! Why? The fish always want to bite your hook! And from top to bottom action we ďGOT FISH!Ē

    Gulf Stream

    Captain Ryan Howardís Boat!

    Gulf Stream Report
    Captain Howard of Miss Judy Charters did not make a blue water run this past week. However, a little of everything is out there! Just to name a few: Wahoo, black fin, large sharks, dolphin, king mackerel, and lot of other biters. The top water bite is not like it was in April or May. However, the best news is if the top water fish donít show, where there is always some fine bottom fishing and catching to be had! So if big catching and lots of serious reeling is something that you are looking for I suggest giving us a call 912 897 4921!
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