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  • Summer Time Frog Fishing

    When you head out to try your luck at frog fishing the first thing that comes to mind is thatwe need to find the grass and look for the holes in the mats; while this is a productive patternfor frog fishing its not the only pattern. Itís also a pattern that 99% of frog fisherman targetmaking the grass the high-volume fishing spots. There are other locations that a frog is veryproductive in and finding them can lead you to some trophy bass.Get off the beaten path find something that is different yet holds explosive frog fish and youcan really be have fun in the summertime. Many times, the first place I target when I try toget off the grass is docks, the walk way out to the dock is ideal shade and always holds bass.

    If you have every noticed the walk way always seem to hold blue gill making that locationideal easy feeding for bass. If the walk way has some decent depth it even becomes moreimpressive for the frog bite. Bass generally run these walk ways in the high sun part of theday making them ideal shady locations for frog fishing. Have you ever noticed that sea-wallsseem to hold bass, they always seem to be up next to the wall feeding and looking for thatnext meal? The reason is seawalls have shade and as the sun rises the wall protects themfrom the sun drawing bait and food for bass.

    One thing that constantly changes in any lake is the bank structure, erosion, from wind, rainand waves cut out the banks and create great hiding spots from the sun. Bass target these cutout banks to get out of the sun, pitching a frog into these cut outs is as good as it gets; youcan skip the frog into the darkest part of the cut-out bank where there is bait and bass hidingfrom the sun. This can really be explosive as bass just react and strike under the eroded areastesting your hooking skills and skipping techniques. Target the banks, the eroded areas, thefallen trees along them and you have the ideal area for summertime frog bites.Try something new, fish something different and have a blast frog fishing with your SPROfrog!