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  • How to Develop a Fishing Pattern

    As we are in the time-period where we will shortly start experiencing some change in where the fish will locate as fall fishing is near itís imperative that you understand how to develop a pattern. Fishing can be a puzzle that you must learn to fit in the right pieces to find the fish and many times its not easy. The good news is with some discipline you can easily make the right moves to put the puzzle together.

    The first thing I try to do is relate the time of year to the basics of where the bass should be, in other words what is the common pattern for the time of year; for example, fall is near and where do they go in the fall time of year. With that knowledge I start looking for a pattern based on common basics of bass movement. Next is a very well-known factor of fishing fresh water, is the water level high or low compared to the last few days of change. Bass generally move shallow in high water and deeper in low water change, allowing you to start with two factors in mind where should they be and what do the common elements like water level tell you.

    The next thing is to move with precision to the next location in other words have a plan in your mind as to how your going to relocate; moving back and forth between deep, shallow and back to deep is not a good idea. Progress to your spots using depth as the factor for the next move allowing yourself to test different depths in the area you choose based on the time of year factor. I generally start deeper and work shallow as a progression to put the pattern together. Itís also important to understand the importance of current in developing a pattern, bass position differently when there are current verses not and approaching your pattern based on how the bass will position when there is current is very important. The upper current side of structure is going to be very important in finding fish, or the shady side if there are shadows around the area your fishing.

    Pattern fishing is about adapting to the common elements and making moves to improve your chances; the right moves are key!

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