• Fishing Report, Lake Guntersville 8/25/18

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  • Fishing Report, Lake Guntersville 8/25/18

    The good the bad and the ugly, the cooling temperatures helped, the east wind didn’t! Have no fear though changes up and down the weather scale will help improve the fishing every day. I believe we will have one of the best falls in many years as there is lots of fish.

    We spent most of the week looking for top-water bites fishing a variety of different presentations from a SPRO frog to Picasso buzz baits and more. This week was a first in awhile as we didn’t boat a fish on a soft plastic bait in many weeks. We stayed on top of the grass looking for action and working to get those addicting explosions that make top water fishing so much fun. We also worked some Picasso spinner baits with some success off the river ledges rolling them down the drops.

    Come fish with me no one will treat you better or work harder to see you have a great day on the water. The fall is closing in, were booking the fall dates and the fun is ahead; let’s get your fishing days set! We have guides and days available to fish with you. We fish with great sponsor products, Lowrance Electronics, Missile baits, Navionics mapping, T&H marine products, Vicious line, Duckett Fishing and more.
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    Capt. Mike Gerry

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