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  • Rod Tip and Worm Fishing

    The fall can be some of the best worm fishing of the season, small worms and lots of bites go together like chips and football in the fall time of the year. Most worm fishermen would really improve their hook up ration if they would just fish with the rod tip high, keep your focus on a rod tip in a 12 o’clock position while the worm works itself to the bottom. With the fall being such a strong active time of year for worm fishing, you can improve your hook ups and miss less fish with a high rod tip position because you can line watch and get stronger hook sets with better tip position.

    You see; there are 2 keys to worm fishing, the first is getting the bite and the second is getting a good hook set so you put the fish in the boat. Getting the bite in this fall generally means you’re fishing the worm slow and letting it slowly sink to the bottom, this requires patience and technique. You have to let the worm slowly sink to the bottom but when you’re doing this, the rod tip must be kept high so the worms drops in a vertical fall allowing the slightest movement to be detected. Many times also, you just see the line move in direction opposite of what you might expect. A high rod tip allows you to see the line and detect the visual movement as well. Its also easier to feel the bite with the high tip position.

    Lastly a high rod tip allows you to drop the nose of the rod, point it at the fish and give a good yank when you set the hook. The problem is that most fisherman just believe that if you drop the rod tip the bass will let it go, quite frankly the only way a bass will let it go is if he or she feels you and that comes from pressure on the rod tip. Key is drop it, tighten it to where the bass won’t feel you, and point the tip of the rod at the bite and set the hook. This will allow you to feel the bass, but yet the bass not feel you and hence catch the more bass.

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