• Richland Chambers Fishing Report - TX

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  • Our names are Royce and Adam Simmons and we operate Gone Fishin Guide Service on Beautiful Lake Richland Chambers on the fringes of East Texas. As avid lifetime fishermen and outdoorsmen, we hope that we can pass along to you our love and excitement for fishing and the outdoors so that you can create and store away memories between you, your family, and your friends for a lifetime.

  • Richland Chambers Fishing Report - TX

    This past Weekend is what a Fall in East Texas should be like with mild temperatures, beautiful blue skies, and Richland Chambers Lake full of active fish! As Adam and I motored into the timbered area where we were going to fish, two Bald Eagles were perched atop one of the trees we had "baited out" for Catfish. Later on we saw huge flocks of Pelicans arriving at the Lake and several times during the trip we saw the Monarch Butterflies on their way to Mexico. It just doesn't get much better than Fall when it comes to Mother Nature and Wildlife!

    The fishing was VERY GOOD also as both our Parties (See Pics) caught an ice chest full of Blue & Channel Catfish on Saturday Morning. We fished in timber around the Hickey Island over areas that I had baited the day before. While all our fish were "Eater Size" Cats ranging in size from 1 to 3 lbs., we had several break offs that we know were bigger fish. Every fishing trip needs a few "One that Got Away" stories! We caught our fish in water depths from 12"-30' feet of water with the best action in the deeper water. Danny Kings Punch Bait on a # 4 Treble Hook was the bait of choice. The Catfish action is good now but will only get better as the cooler temps of November & December arrive.

    If this sounds like FUN and you want to load the freezer with Catfish Filets, give us a call. We have Openings in November and still have plenty of availability during the THANKSGIVING HOLIDAY WEEK! Let's Go Fishin'!

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