• 500 Degree Turkey with Trimmings Recipe!

    Well, it is almost Thanksgiving! So for the next couple of weeks I am going to share with you as I always do at this time of the year Thanksgiving stories from many years ago!

    It’s a Kennickell Family Tradition!

    Rose and Marion Kennickell! Mr. Kennickell is the chef and Mrs Kennickell is the taste tester!

    It’s a Kennickell Family Tradition!

    500 Degree Turkey with Trimmings Recipe!

    This is one of those recipes that have been past down for years from one Kennickell member to the other. Mr. Marion Kennickell, Captain Ken’s (Of Miss Judy Charters) father, takes this recipe seriously especially when the holiday season arrives. Mr. Kennickell always cooks the bird for the family’s yearly “Thanksgiving morning feast of Turkey and Grits!” It a family tradition that everyone should consider!

    12-pound turkey, thawed
    Rinse turkey, remove giblets, and neck put aside for later use
    (I remember this one time as a young cook; I forget to remove the insides!)
    Dry turkey salt and pepper
    ½ cup vegetable oil
    ½ cup of flour

    Mr. Kennickell cooks his turkey in an old time type covered roasting pan!
    Preheat oven to 500 degrees (This is correct, 500 degrees)
    Mix vegetable oil and flour together making a consistency of pancake batter. Pore over or rub turkey with mixture. (You might have to rub this batter over the turkey.) This applied mixture helps to brown turkey. Place coated turkey in roasting pan; pour in two cups of water, and cover. Cook at 500 degrees for one-hour, turn off oven, and leave turkey in oven. Don’t open oven! (For at least 6 hours) This is very important!
    Mr. Kennickell puts his turkey in the preheated 500-degree oven at around 9:00 PM and turns it off at 10:00 PM. He takes it out of the oven at 7:00 AM the next morning. It works every time! He has been doing it for more than many years with great results!
    Please note: When using an 18 to 19 pound turkey you need cook at 500 degree for at least 1 ½ hours before turning it off. It needs to remain in a closed oven at least six hours before removing it.

    Mr. Kennickell Secret girt recipe and gravy recipe!

    Real grits not instant! The only thing here is, it is up to you to estimate amount needed to accommodate your guests

    Cook grits for at least 30 minutes
    Salt and pepper to taste
    Only thinning with milk or cream not water. This addition will make all of the difference in the taste of “a grit!”

    Gravy for the grits

    Boil giblets on the stove after they are finished cooking, cool, and cut giblets in small pieces
    Save both juices from giblets and from cooked turkey for making gravy
    Always salt and pepper to taste
    Cornstarch or flour diluted with a little water, added to turkey and giblets combined juices will thicken gravy

    Now I am always scratching my head in regards to this recipe, but as I said earlier this morning breakfast is an old true proven and tested for many years Kennickell Family Tradition! And you know if it didn’t taste good, no one would have shown up! So therefore knowing what I know, I just might give it a try myself! And Since I know where they live...

    Mr. Kennickell and his grandson Jake!

    Thanks for reading!

    And Happy Pre-Thanksgiving! Captain Judy