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  • Cold Fishing Winter Days

    Cold Winter Days

    When the cold wind blows off the water in the winter and youíre wondering what I can do to get a bite, here are a few tips to think about! One thing I have always believed is that bass eat in the cold winter water when itís easy, their metabolism just wonít speed up enough to chase or compete for food. So making a meal easy involves just a few thoughts and small size baits is definitely one that I like to try. I believe downsizing can make the difference when itís tough out there on a cold winter day.

    Letís start with the most obvious, if you have been fishing a big monster worm and no results, downsize to a small finesse worm the change in size will be an easy meal for a lethargic bass. I personally like to Texas rig a ď48Ē stick bait in the winter, its small, it gives some different movement and not everyone weights a stick bait and fishes it on the bottom. Finesse worms, tubes, small swim baits all get you the same results, good winter bass and a great winter day on the water.

    Have you ever been fishing next to a crappie guy and watch him pull in a big winter bass and wonder what is going on! Well this is a testimony for downsizing; the crappie fisherman is working a small jig and catches a big bass and the reason is simple he has downsized and made the bait an easy meal. Bass will eat a small jig designed for crappie in the cold of winter you just have to be the one smart enough to have downsized. Size matters and you just must control your thoughts to change to the winter conditions.
    One of my favorite small baits in the winter is a ľ oz jig, bass hang around the patches of grass in the cold of winter and a small jig worked slowly and dropped into the holes is an easy enticing meal. The pure fact small jig replicates a crawfish is a big testimony to success a small jig can have in cold water. Think small downsize and work your baits, so they are an easy meal and youíll love the results.

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