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  • Ideally Rigged Bass Boat

    With the new year comes the best fishing of the season and many of you will be considering purchasing a new or already loved bass boat. I always get asked what you really need and what is the ideal rigging look like. Here are my thoughts on what you need and what is considered the desires vs needs.

    No boat on the water today is complete without electronics, todays fisherman has many options, but you should at least have 9-inch units at the cockpit and bow. The ideal rigged bass boat has 3 Lowrance HDS live or carbons on the boat. The reason is very simple accuracy and clear view of what’s below you; when you can see the map clearly on a 12-inch screen and put the map on one, the sonar on one unit and get a split view at the bow you are rigged for success. Additional Structure scan is a must if you want to see fish, or structure, how it’s setup and whether they are grouped, or its thick structure, you must have structure scan. If you’re a person that wants other electronic options like stereo and such, install a NEMA back bone it will allow you to hook up much easier.

    Boats are all different when it comes to ride, hole shot and speed; the boat must have a jack plate that you can adjust to a comfortable height, so you can accomplish this. The ideally rigged boat has a hydraulic jack plate allowing you to make these adjustments on the water, so you can also adjust your motor for weight while fishing.
    If you’re an avid fisherman you will find yourself on the water in some tough winds, this to me requires you to have a couple of ways to lock yourself on a spot. In shallow water Power Poles are a must especially in heavy cover as the ability to sit on a spot locked down from the wind whether your pointed into the wind or not makes all the difference in catching fish. In deeper water “spot-lock” makes a lot of sense the trouble is you generally have-to lock into the wind because spot-lock will turn you if you don’t. Having one of these is good but having both is ideal.