• Its Go Time On The Big G

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  • Professional Fishing Guides for Lake Guntersville in Alabama. We fish out of a Phoenix Bass Boat with Duckett Rods n Reels We will utilize lasted in electronics by Lowrance And a host of tackle, all provided for you. Please feel free to bring you own gear if you are more comfortable doing so. . We also provide bottle water and ice. We are now offering Smallmouth trips!

  • Its Go Time On The Big G

    Here we are half way through January and cabin fever really starts to sit in, Lake Guntersville Bass Start To Swim In Our Daily Thoughts and our sleep gets interrupted with a sudden jerk as we rip the trap out of the grass in the middle of the night... Yup I admit it happens every year to me. So I had to cure my itch with a couple of days on the Big G.
    Good friend Troy Morrow stopped by on his way home from a top 20 finish at Sam Rayburn to fish the morning, we managed to catch a few,, nothing like the TWO 9 pounders that he caught on days 1 & 3 , but it was good to spend some time in the boat with him, I always learn something from him.

    Yep Belle Is The Boss
    Had a trip the following afternoon so I spent the 1st part of the morning waiting on my buddy to get to the ramp so I did a little fishing and well caught 3 real nice ones and 2 average ones before James was ready. We checked one area with no luck we went back to whats been working and went catching them pretty steadily not sitting on one spot ( had to save some for the trip ) even though we wanted to put them in the boat. One thing I did notice was the morning fish was a lot bigger then the afternoon ones.

    Mr. Mullins started off right his 2nd cast he put one in the boat then he continued to catch them till the bite slowed up to where we had to change up , even after that we managed to put a few in the boat but all in all it was great 37 degree day on the Big G.

    Water Temp 47
    Clarity 2-4 feet
    Floating Grass... Yea its everywhere
    Looking Forward To February's & March's Pre Spawn Hawgs . Are You?

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    Capt. Jim
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