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  • Effects of Water Temperature

    As we progress through winter the one constant that will change your fishing location and bait selection will be water temperature. Nothing going on with the elements will change what you must do to catch a fish will be more prevalent that what is happening to the temperature below you. Wind, rain, clouds, moon phases none them will force you to adjust like the change in water temperature.

    I try to group the water temperature into several phases where I believe the change occurs and the constant remains. The first phase is from about 37 to 43 degrees, this to me is your toughest water temperature to catch a fish; bass will move deep in this phase, they will become lazy and not feed and the oxygen levels in the water depletes. Being precise, fishing slow and using the right presentation is key in this phase of the temperature. The next group is from 44 to 53 degrees; during this period oxygen increase in the water, bass react to the warming of the sunny days and feeding is going on at certain times of the day. Reaction baits will be effective during this period, they wonít bite all day long as the bass will be in groups and competition for food will force some bites. You must cover water and work your bites to find the groups.

    From 54 to 62 degrees I believe is the most productive time of the winter bite. Bass are on the move their looking for spawning locations and striking movement and feeding up for the spawn ahead. Their location becomes easier to target as they are generally in 5 ft. of water or less and reaction drives bites all day long. This water temperature phase can produce the biggest bass of the season most folks experience their personal best during this phase and big fish bait techniques generally produce those personal bests. Lastly from 63 to 69 degrees the bass are in the spawn, they found their bedding location so locating bedding areas becomes easy to do. Precise casting, enticing bedding baits like lizards, senkoís, jigs and determination catch fish during the spawn.
    Check the water temperature, fish the change and constant and you will be successful during the winter months.

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