• Where do the Big Fish Live in the Winter?

    By request of one of my readers I thought I would attack my thoughts on the location of the “biggins” during the cold weather and most of the winter months. I must first admit that location for big fish seems to change on a yearly basis, but their habits bring you to the right areas of your lake. It is also true that lakes with lots of grass cover sets up differently in the winter time for the big fish as compared to the deeper structure wood type lakes.

    My thoughts in this article will target lakes that have grass like Guntersville and would be considered shallow lakes compared to many. Let me start by saying I believe the bigger fish do many things first from the spawn to the movement to all different depths. Meaning that the first areas to look for big fish are the locations that you might think is a little early to be at! For example; on a cold winter day you would think that the big bass would be deeper, I content the opposite they are moving up ahead of what the little fish might do and are probably near shallow water, or water less than 6 ft. deep. Big bass like colder water and make their movement ahead of the little fish as the water temperature dictates to them quicker than you might think.

    Having said this look for the big fish to make moves just ahead of some of the traditional pattern changes. They will move up to spawn first, move to feed ahead of the little fish and will be first to feel some temperature change in the water that affects location, like the warming of the sun. I also believe that big fish have preferences in grass and in the winter when there still remnants of different grass types all over the lake be aware of the grass area your fishing. If you’re not catching big fish in say hydrilla or milfoil change then look for star grass or eel grass.

    Be informed, look head for the patterns, understand the traditional movements and be in front of where the bass should be, understand the cover and you will find the bigger fish!
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