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  • Key to Spring Time Fishing

    With the spring time months nearly upon us its time to look at the most important key to finding fish during the spring months. Yes, there are many ways to be a good spring time fisherman, but one thing stands out among the others and that is to cover water. Nothing will help you find fish, have successful trips and have the best days during the best time of the year than keep moving and covering water until you find a bite!

    The reason is simple 70% of the bass are in 20% of the lake, they move in groups, they hang out around each other, bass are groupies by size and follow each other most of the day. The spring just makes the groups bigger and more competitive and finding bites when your covering water is easier. The key is realizing when you do get a bite to slow down make some wide circles around the bite and use angles to cross the bite looking for more fish. The key that most people donít realize is focused more around the second bite as it generally tells you that there more fish there, they are moving in and out of the spot your targeting and being patient now becomes the key to more bites. This is where many tournament anglers win tournaments from, targeting the second bite, if the fish are the size you need to win then this can be a winning location. This is where patience is a virtue, Iíve seen tournament anglers stay on a location like this for hours just waiting on the next big fish to move across this spot and eventually it happens.

    The other key to this process is bait choice when your covering water quickly to find fish the bait you have chosen can lead you to the fish, but many times to catch that second fish you have to change baits; nothing is off the table at this point, size, color, and speed of presentation all can affect the next bite. Here is time to have several presentations rigged already so you can make many casts with different looks, this will ensure success if there is more fish on this location. Cover-water, find that second bite and be inclusive when you catch that second fish!

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