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  • Spring Top Water bite is Near

    With the spring fishing quickly approaching there is a presentation that many fishermen forget about and that is the top water bite. There is probably no presentation that can be more fun during the spring time than fishing over the top of bass that are nearing the spawn or on the bed. If you pick the right time, an active day you can have a wild time top water fishing during this time of year.

    I can tell you from many years of the past that fishing buzz baits, spooks or even frogs during the spring can be as rewarding as any presentation you can fish. The key is finding the right type of water with the correct cover and bait moving around. When you have Lilly pad stems, Asian weed, or green grass in shallow spawning areas along with bait you have the ideal location to pull out those top water baits and go to catching those wild explosions from active spring bass. Itís not rocket science itís just having your favorite top water bait rigged up on your deck and making a few casts under the right conditions to see if the time is right to get those explosions.

    It wonít take long to tell if the timing is right, when the spring top water bite is on, they will aggressively attack your bait so a few casts will give you some quick discovery into the spring top water bite. Look for bait being pushed around, survey the grass type around the area youíre in; when youíre seeing the stems moving or bait popping your in the right location to give it a try. I like noisy baits as it seems to get them to react quickly, loud buzz-baits, spooks with BBís in them and frogís that you have added some noise to like rattles. Work them slowly and try to get a reaction, speed them up and change speeds to see if the bass are reacting to a certain speed. Frog are ideal as you can stop it, work it quickly, walk the dog and let it sit giving the bass many different looks to get a reaction. Color is also key as spring time water from heavy rain can be muddy so change color until one gets you a bite. Top water spring fishing will be as rewarding as anything you can do in the spring time to catch fish!