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  • Changing Weather Patterns

    As we go through spring in North Alabama one thing you can count on is weather change; we move in and out of extreme weather conditions and changes that make you question what you should do to catch a fish. Unfortunately, many parts of the country have similar changes throughout the spring, some more extreme than other but we must all learn to adapt.

    If there is any one consideration, I can give you, or one memory of mine to keep in mind it is that the worst weather days have always been the best fishing days for me over the years. I believe you could ask this very same thing of any angler, or hunter and they would tell you the same thing. The worse the conditions the better the fish bite, I have fished in snow, cold, wind, rain and high water nothing gets the fish feeding and moving like the worst of the weather days. The down side of course is the safety aspect of the bad weather and as a guide and fishing enthusiasts I must adapt yet be safe so no one gets hurt and you also must consider the safety issue before getting on the water.

    The basics of weather change are the key to finding fish, if you understand the basics of bass as they adapt to the change in weather conditions you will easily make the right move to get you to the fish. High water, current, wind snow and cold weather patterns and sun all affect bass and change what they do and where they go, and you must adapt with them. Learn the basics if you donít know them already, spend some time reading about weather change and how it affects the fish, have these conditional weather situations packed into your memory banks and use them to make changes. Survey the conditions as you plan your day on the water, compare them to the reality of the conditions when you get to the ramp and put your boat in the water, then fish the weather conditions as they appear.

    Thereís no secret to fishing tough weather conditions it all been written about for years you just have to understand them and adapt to the conditions.

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