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  • Captain Dave Hanson is a native of southwest Florida. He has been fishing local waters since childhood, and has been fishing professionally for over fifteen years. He is Coast Guard licensed, and is a member in good standing of the Bonita Springs Chamber of Commerce. He has been quoted and featured in several national fishing magazines, and he also appears weekly in the fishing reports sections of the local paper.

  • South West Florida Fishing Report - FL

    Fishbuster Charters' Captain Dave Hanson reported, "Monday, 2/25, brothers Ed and Fred Armstrong had planned to fish offshore with me. A weather front came through the area over-night, however, and kicked up winds to about 25 knots, with very rough conditions offshore. So the guys decided to fish in Estero Bayís backwaters instead. Even the bay was challenging for fishing that morning. The tide which was supposed to turn around at 9AM, never did so, and the wind was sucking the water out of the bay. The guys managed to catch eight sheepshead, on live shrimp, but only one was a keeper at 13 inches. The rest of the sheepies were about Ĺ-inch short of keeper-size, and had to be released. The guys also released a crevalle jack.

    It was just a little less windy on Tuesday morning, 2/26, than it had been the day before. I fished the backwaters of southern Estero Bay with Charles Vanenbossche, his brother, Brian, and their parents, Mike and Sandy. The family caught eleven sheepshead, including four keepers, on live shrimp. They lost three or four others when the hook pulled out, as they sometimes do when sheepshead are hooked in the lip.

    Wednesday morning, 2/27, I returned to the south end of Estero Bay, this time to fish with Dennis Mascioli and his friends, Vince and Gary on a catch-and-release trip. The sheepshead bite was slower than it has been recently, but the guys released four sheepies to 14 inches, and lost one redfish to a broken line.

    Long-time customers, Ron Musick, Eddie Alfonso, and Dick Arnett fished 33 miles offshore with me on Thursday, 2/28. The guys used cut bait and squid to catch twenty nice porgies to 24 inches, along with three keeper lane snapper and a few grunts.

    Dave Carr and his friends, Chuck and Wayne, fished 20 miles offshore with me on Friday morning, march 1at. They used frozen shrimp and squid to catch twenty-five grunts to 14 inches, and put a dozen of those in the fish box for fish tacos. They released the rest, along with several ladyfish, four red grouper shorts, two lane snapper shorts and one mangrove snapper short."

    1.) Angler Scott Cooper with a 19-inch red grouper short, caught on cut-bait and released 24 miles west of New Pass on a recent offshore Fishbuster Charter.

    2.) Angler Chris Welch with an 18-inch sheepshead, caught on shrimp in Estero Bay on a recent inshore Fishbuster Charter.

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