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  • The Spawn and Soft Plastics

    When we start to see the bass bedding for the spawn nothing catches fish like soft plastics, itís the universal bait the entices bedding fish and its easy for any angler to fish. The thing to remember is the presentations you can choose from are endless, just about any way you choose to rig your plastic will catch bass.

    The important thing to keep in your knowledge base is weighting the plastic is easy, anything less than an 1/8 oz. is generally the ticket to catching fish. Its very rare that I weight it any heavier than a ľ oz. that would only be if its windy and in most cases its just enough to get the bait out easily while casting, slow drop rates are key. The other important part of plastics in the fall is having plastics that entice like lizards, something with legs arms that flutter and make the bait move and drop slowly. Missile Bait D-Bombs have great arms and are perfect spawn plastics.

    The presentation I use a lot in this spawning time is to whacky rig a Missile Bait ď48Ē stick bait, I generally rig it on a 1/8oz. shaky head to give the bait an easy drop without having to peg a slip weight. This set-up is easy for young and or inexperienced fisherman alike and all you need to do is have a little feel for the bite and you can catch fish and many times itís a good fish. I also like to Texas rig an old fashion lizard, there is just something about the way a lizard drops and moves that spawning fish love this plastic and it is always a great fish catcher. Colors to me were never very important but the thing I try to do is just match the water color with dark colors like watermelons etc. in bright clear water the brighter colors and whites seem to work well.

    Fishing plastics in the spawn is easy presentation and one that anyone can be successful at, itís a great way and time of year to get your children catching fish. There is generally lots of bites and opportunities for those grand kids to catch fish.
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