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  • Crowded Lakes

    If you have been on the water lately itís pretty-obvious that each year, there are more and more fishermen. The onset of high-school teams coupled with the increased interest in fishing has doubled the pressure on the lakes all over the country. The struggle is what can you do as a fisherman to avoid some of these enormous crowds that frequent todays lakes. My answer is simple you just must learn to deal with it.

    Unfortunately, there is no other answer, the spot that was yours is no longer a secret, the pure fact you will get cut off day in and out is the norm and finding a place to fish that hasnít been pressured probably wonít happen. Your fishing in a different world than you did just a few years ago; there is no etiquette anymore, if you catch a fish fisherman with binoculars will see you and come throw at your spot and fishing will be much more difficult than ever before. There are a few things I try to do when I get in this predicament.

    First-of-all, if youíre going to catch fish you canít let this stuff overcome you like road rage, you just must fish. Next, I believe when you find fish more than ever you must stay with them and follow them as they move and roam. Look at your mapping, find the ditches, road beds or travel lanes the bass would frequent and use that as you path to follow where the fish go as the pressure pushes them off the spot you started on. Live bye that old saying, ďDonít leave fish to find fish,Ē getting mad and leaving a spot your catching fish is exactly what the people who come in on top of you want; donít give in. Sometimes baits really change how bass bite under the pressure of so many lures being tossed at them.

    Downsize your presentation, start working small profile baits, more subtle colors and work the area more thoroughly than ever. Slow down many times when you find fish if they are not competing for your bait, itís time to slow down, baits dangled in front of them may just be the ticket you need to keep catching them. Be patient, and donít leave fish to find fish!

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