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  • Keep Moving

    When fishing is as up and down as it is now the best advice, I can give you is to keep your foot on your trolling motor and cover water. That I know is hard to do especially for the fisherman that has caught fish in their favorite spot over- and-over again. The thing you must realize is your favorite spot may not be ready for fish to move into now.
    Things change the bottom silts in and suddenly, the spot that held fish for you over years is now different and what-ever attracted the fish there before may not have the same appeal. Many times the current moves the bottom structure and the attraction is now just a smooth bottom surface, or the angle that the current is hitting that area is different and you may have to approach the spot from a different angle; what-ever the case be aware things may have changed and you may have to keep moving.

    Itís also important that when youíre struggling the continuous covering of water allows you to find new locations and new areas that are holding fish and that can be a good thing. Find new cover, new bottom structure, new angles that approach old spots in different ways. All these changes can move you to better spots and find you new areas holding fish. Itís also a good thing to jump points using your big motor to move from point to point. Fish them from different angles and different depths; I know from my own experience that letting yourself get pushed up on top of the point is not always a good thing. Even though the structure may be easier to feel from the top of a point this time of year the 6 to 10 ft. depths are holding the fish and if you donít get off the point enough to fish the outer edge and drops you will miss the fish. Itís also important to change speeds of your technique while fishing; donít always run your bait at the same speed, slow it down speed it up let the bait drop and let it rise-up.

    Changing bait speed is as important as covering water; change depth, change presentation speed move to different locations will make you a better fisherman.

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