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  • Lake Fork Guide Richie White has been a professional fishing guide since 1990. Richie has top of the line electronics and excellent fishing gear provided at no extra charge, including Kistler rods and Ambassadeur Revo reels. He is happy to accomodate beginners as well as tournament fishermen. Children are also encouraged to fish with Richie. He also provides digital photos and guarantees fish!

  • Lake Fork Fishing Report - TX

    This has been an awesome season on Lake Fork! On Friday, I ended a streak of eight consecutive days boating at least an eight pounder every day. That may not sound that unbelievable on a lake like Fork where 8 pounders are common. But it is rare to have a streak that long without a bad fishing day. Understanding bass and weather patterns, the odds are probably better to get 8 bass over 8 pounds in a single day than to get at least one 8 pounder every day for eight days. That's probably the best streak I've had in my 29 years of guiding. I'm so blessed to be able to have such an experience finding so many big fish on beds and having great customers who can get them to the boat.

    The lake has been clear and looking great with lots of grass and moss. This year, its been clear enough to get some underwater footage. I'm looking forward to sharing lots of videos of with great footage. Last weekend, we fished in the rain both days and had great results. There were more females on beds Friday through Thursday than I've seen in many years. Thursday, the carp churned up the water and the wind changed from south to north, muddying the water even more. Yet somehow, we still managed to get 2 over 8 on Thursday and another on Friday. Saturday, we got some big rains and today the gates are running. So, the lake is muddy at the moment (which is why I have time to report). I took this weekend off for the bad weather (east wind, lightning, and rain).

    I expect the lake to get relatively clear as soon as the gates quit running and the wind turns back to the south. But it looked very brown today as I went across to see if the gates were running.

    Except for the fishing in the rain and some back of the boat fishing, we have been purely sight-fishing for all of our bass. Tubes, craws, ring fries, drop shots, and basically anything on a Texas rig will catch fish when the females are on the beds. I prefer the deeper beds because those fish don't spook as bad and they aren't as heavily pressured. But it isn't often that we have so days with light winds allowing us to see fish on beds in 3-4ft.
    Our biggest fish last week was 10 pounds. She was on a bed in 3-4 feet in an area that's been wind-blown basically every day since the calm day we caught her. We were blessed to be in the right place on the right day when we could see her.

    In case you didn't know, sight-fishing for bass is my specialty. I wrote the book on it - back in 2010. It's an E-book that has tons of sight-fishing information & terminology, live statistics, historical sight-fishing and weather information, Flash animations, etc. to help you become a better sight-fisherman. It is a perpetual e-book that gets updated every season. I purposely priced the book very high ($99) because less competition gives my clients a better value for my expertise. In fact, I try to give a complimentary copy to any client who hires me for the spring.
    I just found out that Chrome will not support the Flash animation files after 2019. That probably means that if you get the ebook and want to see the animations that I spent hundreds of hours making, you will probably have to use an older computer (or older browser) after the year 2019. You only need to see them once. Just do it this year! The rest of the ebook will not be affected.
    Because of the Flash obsolescence, I decided to cut the price of the Ebook in half ($49). If I sell enough copies at $49, I may take the time to redo the animations in a modern format using the HTML5 canvas and raise the price back up. In any event, you will have a perpetual license if you purchase it or receive it as a client. And I'm sure there will be a way to view those animations 20 years from now, but probably not on your phone or modern browser. See http://www.bassfishing.org/spawnbook

    I'm booked up through the end of April with several on a waiting list. But I still have many days open in May. I don't get booked solid in May (that's when we start seeing 90s), yet that is one of my favorite months of the year.
    Also I really enjoy taking kids. If you bring a kid (or not), I will put together a free video at no extra charge.
    If you would like to book a trip, you can see my schedule and book your trip online at http://www.bassfishing.org/go
    Or just call me at 214-FiveFourNine-4644
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