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  • The Easter Bunny has arrived!

    This photo was taken in our kitchen back in the mid fifties by the Easter Bunny!
    Even at the request of the Easter Bunny never hide the Easter baskets in the trunk of your car and here’s why!

    My father always had a lot of good stuff in the trunk of his car. We never had a truck to throw things in the back of so daddy’s car trunk, to say the least, was always full of something. One afternoon right before Easter, I was in the front seat of the car and daddy said, “I have to get something out of the trunk!” While he jumped out I turned around in the seat and watching his every move. He was funny sometimes the way he would fling his arms. I watched as he opened the trunk and through the crack in the lid I could see most of what daddy was doing. To the right of the trunk were all sorts of things sticking up and then it caught my eye. There was something covered in red tinted cellophane. As I looked even closer it occurred to me that I had seen this sort of packaging before. Just as my small mind started to wonder I watched as daddy pulled something from the trunk while slamming the trunk at about the same time. The red cellophane package got crushed in the process. I heard a loud cracking noise and watched as daddy struggled to get the trunk reopened. After a few seconds I got tired of watching and turned away to play with knobs on the radio. On Easter Sunday morning I jumped out of bed and ran into the kitchen with hopes of an Easter Bunny surprise. As I rounded the corner into the kitchen right there on the kitchen chairs was not one Easter basket, but three. And I might add even though the basket in the middle was a little crushed with a few damaged toys I still ruled when it came to having the most baskets delivered at one time by the Easter Bunny!!

    This is me at around 4 years old holding a rabbit that Daddy did not shoot. I must have loved my Patent leather shoes; because I have seen several pictures with what looks like these same pair of shoes. Or maybe my father whom was notorious for purchasing things by the dozens had most likely purchased many pairs!”
    Here’s what I remember about Easter and my daddy…

    Patent Leather shoes were a must no matter what you wore with them with!

    For those looking for a great place to hid that golden egg for the Easter egg hunt here’s a suggestion

    Place the golden egg in the gutter (where the water flows out) and then push a hand full of moss in the pipe to keep it there. Let some of the moss hang out as if it is hung in the gutter. Just so you will know when the moss is pulled out the golden egg rolls right out with it. How do I know this…When I was six years old I saw, as well as another golden egg searcher, the moss hanging out of the gutter. While we both started making way to this spot we collided. After running right into each other we both fell and contents of our Easter egg baskets went everywhere. We both watched as another pulled the moss and out rolled the golden egg. Moral of the golden egg story is a simple one…

    Before looking for the whereabouts of the golden egg whatever you do, “Always be prepared!” Have your father put scrapes on the bottom of your new patent leather shoes, put your basket down first, and then run faster than the others with the same goal!

    For those that don’t know, laying in scrapes on the bottom of your patent leather shoes causes much needed traction especially when dealing with slippery grass! I have to ask, “Where did my father come up with all these things?”

    Happy Easter to all and thanks for reading! Captain Judy