• Richland Chambers Fishing Report - TX

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  • Our names are Royce and Adam Simmons and we operate Gone Fishin Guide Service on Beautiful Lake Richland Chambers on the fringes of East Texas. As avid lifetime fishermen and outdoorsmen, we hope that we can pass along to you our love and excitement for fishing and the outdoors so that you can create and store away memories between you, your family, and your friends for a lifetime.

  • Richland Chambers Fishing Report - TX

    It's been a strange Spring compared to years past when by mid April you could catch White Bass and Hybrid Stripers almost anywhere on the Main Lake! The fish have not made their appearance in the large #'s we're used to seeing by this time of the year. One day you may catch a bunch of White Bass on Pelican Island and then the next day, they are no where to be found. The 309 Flats for years has been the "Go To" spot for the first few hours of the day during the months of April and May, and now only a few fish are being found there.

    That's the Bad News! The Good News is that there are still lots of fish being caught and we're finding them in places we haven't caught them in years. The last several trips we have made our way up the Richland Creek Arm of the Lake and found huge schools of White Bass feeding on Shad on Flats off the Main Creek Channel. The fish are in water depths ranging from 10' to 20' feet and can sometimes be found by finding the Gulls and Terns feeding on that same Shad. These are some Monster Size White Bass and as of this past week were still loaded with eggs. I guess the cooler Spring weather has effected the timing of their spawn. I'm sure that any day we'll start finding the Whites and Hybrids on the normal Main Lake locations, but for now we'll continue to make a 20 mile round trip and load the Ice Chest with Magnum Sandies!

    Good Luck and Good Fishin'!

    Royce & Adam Simmons
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