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  • Deep Cranking is Close

    With the bass in full spawning mode the bass will start to move to their post spawn locations and when that happens one of my favorite time of year is near. Its well known that the bass move to the deep drops, ledges and old ponds around the spawning grounds as they recover from the spawn; when this happens the deep-cranking bite becomes a great way to find schools of fish.

    The thing to remember is that crank baits are great locators of big schools of bass and many times its possible to hook up on doubles with crank baits as bass become real-competitive as they heal and spread the lake after the spawn. It might very well be the most aggressive time of the year for the bass fisherman, because the more they group up the more they compete for food. There is probably no more important time for your Lowrance Electronics than the post spawn time frame as locating these schools by scanning the post spawn locations is paramount to having a successful day on the water.

    I know many of my customers always ask me how to tell the difference between what your seeing on the bottom with your Lowrance Electronics, the key is to remember that bass spread out away from each other, but even if you canít tell a deep crank bait will quickly decipher the fish your seeing as they generally strike quickly when their competing for food. A few casts can quickly tell you if you have found the right species or not, run that crank bait to the bottom and see what you pull up it can be telling.

    One thing we have-to be aware of on todays lakes is fishing pressure on schools of bass as they will get busted up or move quickly when pressured, so donít give up on them if they quit biting. Get back into your cock pit and scan out from the area you found them as many times they will locate just a few hundred yards away from where you found them. The next depth change, or drop or road bed might very well hold that same school and give you a second chance to catch them. Deep cranking is a great way to have a successful post spawn day on the water.

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