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  • Savannah Fishing Report - GA

    Check out these flat fish babies! I love this picture! This past week Radley Grubbs Savannah and a Co worker Craig Padgett Richmond Hill were doing a little near shore fishing on his boat “Low Attitude!” According to the fishing report received while plain old bottom fishing with live croaker as bait Radley caught these two beautiful flounder. What does this picture prove? Radley knows his fishing, he had a dip net on board, and most of all thank goodness a camera for proof!

    This past week recreational fisherman Radley Grubbs Savannah and Co worker Craig Padgett Richmond Hill were doing a little near shore fishing on his boat “Low Attitude!” Craig is holding up a nice hog nose snapper also known as a white grunt! These fish are fun to catch and make for great table fare!

    How do I describe a flounder?

    This is one fish that can sees like a rabbit is cunning like a fox, and strikes like a cobra!
    Did you know that during this time of the year it is a known fact that the old flounder loves to school up in/around offshore structure. So therefore just about any structure that a flounder can stick its head into is a potential spot for them to rest. When I used to dive, which was a very long time ago, I would see them stacked up like plates in some of the wrecks. But here’s the strange thing about it, at least what I witnessed and the conclusions that I came too. The flounder would swim into the wreck and find a comfortable surface to land. However, it would only swim in so far. The flounder would always leave its tail hanging out where there was current. I believe that the wise flounder left its tail out in the current so that it would know the currents direction, speed, and when it was time to go into a feeding mode. So therefore when is it the best time to catch a flounder offshore? When the flounder wakes up, backs out of the structure, and finds a suitable place to camouflage itself on the ocean floor! If you are anchoring directly on the wreck then I suggest casting your bait away from the wreck, slowly retrieving while allowing it to sit in one spot in 3 to 5 minute intervals. Once you have completely retrieved re-cast out in a counter or clockwise direction around your boat. The secret to catching a flounder is to give them time to eat, don’t pump your rod once hooked up, and definitely have a nice size dip net handy!

    From left to right: Captain Matt Williams of Miss Judy Charters, Matt Marvin Grooms (orange) Charleston SC, Meredith Bohler Griffin, Georgia Steve Eberhardt, Savannah, Georgia

    I was just getting in from an offshore fishing trip (Captain Judy) and I had the unbelievable opportunity to interview these fishermen. They were a hoot for sure! Why? The fishing stories began from one reporting that the other couldn’t fish to the one telling me that he was the only one that could! It was an interesting day on the dock for sure! What’s the bottom line to this story? Old friends getting together, going fishing, making up stories, and telling some very interesting but innocence white lies! Who showed them the way? Captain Matt Williams of Miss Judy Charters.... The bottom line to this report is it is never too late to get together and go fishing with old friends!

    Inshore Fishing Report
    Here’s the catching deal and I don’t mean to sound like a broken record, but if you have the right bait you will catch the right fish! Over the last couple of months I have seen some beautiful shrimp being caught by throwing the old cast net. Believe me when I say, “These shrimp are natural born fish callers!”

    Photo by Captain Matt Williams

    Local Bait Houses
    Bandy’s 912 354 6444, Thunderbolt 912 667 1703, Coffee Bluff Marina 912 231 3628
    Bull River 912 897 7300, Joey’s Bait House at Hogan’s Marina 912 897 3474

    While inshore fishing with Captain Matt Williams of Miss Judy Charters Jason Erickson Santaquin, Utah caught some nice red fish! While visiting Savannah, Georgia Jason decided that he would like to try and catch a red fish. Well, as luck would have it on the day that he booked Captain Matt was available. As you know, Captain Matt is pretty good when it comes to targeting red fish. Even thought the winds was howling, the tide wasn’t quite right, and bait wasn’t as plentiful as needed Captain Matt still prevailed getting Jason some pretty nice red fish!

    While inshore fishing with Captain Matt Williams of Miss Judy Charters Mike Mooney Santaquin, Utah and his fishing friend Jason Erickson (also from Santaquin, Utah) caught some nice assorted size red fish!

    Alli DeYoung part of Miss Judy Too fishing Team is sporting a fist full of white bone porgy! My father always said, “The white bone porgy are the last to feed in the overall daily fish feeding cycle!” What does this mean? When you start catching this fish it means that all the other fish are going to reboot! In other words, start the feeding pattern all over again! In this case four white bones were telling us a feeding story! What was that? Go back to where you originally caught fish and they will most likely be in a schooling biting pattern once again! Say what you want, but any and all information about the feeding habits of a fish helps greatly in the catching arena!

    Artifiical Reefs are holding some nice top water fish! While trolling we have been catching Spanish mackerel, king mackerel, little tunny, blue fish are all sizes, and Bonita. The bottom fishing for black sea bass has gotten better meaning keeping more and releasing less!

    While inshore fishing with Captain Matt Williams of Miss Judy Charters the Arley Fishing Group had a serious fish catching time!

    Want to have some flying fun? Call 1 912 572 8055 Dave Myers https://www.tripadvisor.com/Attracti...h_Georgia.html

    While offshore fishing with Captain Judy on Miss Judy Too Jacob Childers Kingston, Ga caught what is better known as a black sea bass double header. Jacob had a secret weapon threaded on to one of his hooks and it’s called Electron Fish Attractor. I am only using one electron per two hook bottom rig. Why? That’s all you need to get those fish to your hook! But if you want to really go crazy give two Electrons a try! I found that two is too many and one is the perfect combination! Now what do I mean by too many? You can figure that out on your own! Where do you get them? www.lifesparkfishingtackle.com Why? I will answer this with a question..When you fish don’t you want your best chances at catching fish? I rest my case! Don’t you think it’s time to order some today?

    Savannah Snapper Banks
    Well, this area has a lot to offer the bottom and trolling fisherman! April is the month that most fish strap on the old fish bag meaning they got to eat! What does this mean to you? Lots of biting activity to be had!

    Gulf Stream Report!
    Captain Garrett Ross of Miss Judy Charter took busman’s holiday and went fishing with friends! While fun blue water fishing with Aaron Jarrel his father David Jarrel on their boat “Draggin Tail” they had plenty of action! Also on board also were Eric Campbell and Scott Patrick!

    It is time to go! Why? Because now you know!
    Blue Water Gulf Stream Fishing is ON! We have been waiting for the biting signs! Well, they have arrived blue water fishermen are finally getting their DO!!! It has happened nice catches of Dolphin (Mahi Mahi) Wahoo, and tuna are being reported being caught off this coast! What does the mean? NOW YOU KNOW IT IS TIME TO GO! And once again your boat or ours! Captain Ryan Howard of Miss Judy Charters is rigged and ready! Give us a call 912 897 4921 to book your blue water trip now!!

    Quick reference sheets!
    For free on line temperature charts go to...http://sstcharts.com/ Also if you would to purchase a grand set of blue water charts we got them. And why wouldn’t you want to know all the coordinates to a lot of the possible spots that blue water fish like to make way? http://sstcharts.com/ charts has pretty much laid it out for blue water fishermen! To catch a fish you have to first be in the right spot, second drag the right bait and third feel catching confident! In other words...Be in the know!

    Blue water charts! I suggest either purchasing a set or just pick an area and get that chart...When it come to spots to fish http://sstcharts.com/ is in the know! Now I know this sound like an advertisement! And I guess in some way it is! I don’t consider it an advertisement as much as I consider it good darn blue water information! Basically tools you can use!

    Mickey Holbrook GOT FISH! And if you want to go fishing in Lake Lanier give Mickey a call 470 262 6035
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