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  • Trigger Fish

    This is a nice trigger fish and once cleaned the skin removed would make once dried a fine piece of sand paper! Once you remove the skin just hang it out to dry and then you will be ready to sand away any roughness on your deck!

    Many years ago triggerfish were known as trash fish, but that has all changed due to the fact that a fisherman took the time to clean one and give it a try. The meat is white and often preferred over red snapper. They have an unusually tough skin and removal can be quite hard. There is an art to it and its simple too! Once you figure out how to remove the skin, try giving this a try. Lay the skins in the sun and let them dry out. Upon going through the drying process you will find that you now have two of the finest piece of sandpaper that you will ever hold in your hands. The skins are so tough that back in the old days the dried triggerfish skins were used to sand down the rough spots off of the decks of wooden ships. Now you know the rest of the story! This is one that you can try at home especially if you have hard wood floors in need of sanding. But, if you had rather be fishing than sanding, keep this one to yourself!

    Thanks for reading! Captain Judy