• Guntersville showing some big Changes in 2019

    Every year on any lake is always met with changes and Guntersville is no different; in fact, this year it appears to me that with some drastic early year weather we have seen the most change in the lake in many years. Guntersville has gone through some of the biggest weather-related conditions changing how and where the fish go and what they are doing on-a-daily basis even as we get into the month of May. I believe it has a lot to do with the flooding we had in February as the bottom structure on the lake has moved, changed and in many cases become very different than this time last year. The current generated by the TVA trying to regulate the water level to keep it from flooding has pulled bottom structure, grass and changed depths all over the lake.

    As always in order to catch fish after a lake changes so drastically you have-to almost wipe your way points off your Lowrance Electronics and start over. What was once a point with grass on it or a shell bed with shells up and down the depth range in many cases is no more; itís gone; the grass is gone, and the shells have moved. Causing you to start over finding the locations that the bass have migrated too and working areas you may have totally run bye a year ago. The key is doing it, and I can tell you that itís not easy; starting over relocating the best spots for the bottom change your lake goes through as has Guntersville requires a strong mind set and a will that defies your memory banks. However, if your going to be successful it must be done.

    The key is taking what you know about patterns, depth, structure, current and more and using todayís great electronics and go back to the basics of your lake. Start with the points, look for the cover, look for the shell beds, understand the bottom and remark your way points based on what your seeing not the past. One thing I do every year is change the color of my way points, so I know what a 2019-way point is, vs. a 2018 allowing me to quickly mark and revisit my special places for the current year.

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