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    As the world of fishing and electronics keep advancing it has many of those of you that donít use computers or advanced electronics daily confused and wondering where these enhancements will end. I believe many of those confused are making way too much of the electronics we are purchasing for our boats today.

    There are many functions and capabilities on todays electronics that have very little to do with the average fisherman; although necessary for the advanced fisherman the person that fishes a couple times a month doesnít need to be an expert in using the advanced functions. I also realize that human nature is to want to purchase the best and have all the functions available in-case you need it; and Lowrance Electronics has the best. Although I agree with your thought process there are many features that you can learn over time and will let you develop your skills over time. This will make it easier, as I propose learning the use of the electronics in slow process so you become efficient at the basic features allowing you to thoroughly understand the features that get you fishing. There are basically just a few things that get you fishing on todays electronics, those being Structure Scan, Sonar, and GPS mapping; if you can utilize these functions you can use your electronics and learn the rest over time.

    When you add the proper mounting of the transducers on your boat involved on todayís Lowrance units you can generally get really good pictures of the bottom and the structure you are looking to fish. Combine the proper mounting with the transducers and some good views of the contours through your mapping and you have a chance of catching some good fish ever time you get on the water. Itís very important that you properly mount your transducers on your boat, if itís mounted in the wrong place or at the wrong angle all the good your trying to gain from purchasing some of the great product out today you lose by poorly mounting the transducers. This also is true with mapping, the bottom change is what drives fish to certain areas of your lake, seeing the contours, the change and the ambush spots for fish is what gets you catching fish.

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