• Savannah Fishing Report - GA

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  • Miss Judy Charters provides Inshore fishing, Offshore fishing, and Gulf Stream fishing charters. Whether it's sport fishing for the serious angler or a leisurely day for the family, we have the trip for you. We have been fishing in Savannah, Tybee and adjacent waters for over 50 years. We have the knowledge for your inshore and offshore fishing adventure.

  • Savannah Fishing Report - GA

    Alli DeYoung (part of the Miss Judy Fishing Team) and her father Dan took that ride to the blue water. To say their trip was a successful is an understatement! I count 20 Mahi Mah and they are some nice ones too! What does this all mean? Lots of people are going to be eating Mahi Mahi for a long long time! Alli rigged most all the baits and pulled her signature trolling spread! As you can see it all worked from Alli’s prefect swimming baits to the combination pulled! Congratulations!

    Ryan Hooks Savannah, Ga and his father Randy visiting from Lubbock, Texas had a pretty darn interesting inshore fish catching day! While inshore fishing with Captain Garrett Ross of Miss Judy Charters this is what the fishermen kept not what they fought caught and released! Didn’t the country singer Waylon Jennings Wasn’t there an awarding winning country song sung by Waylon Jennings about Lubbock, Texas?

    While inshore fishing with Captain Garrett Ross of Miss Judy Charters Matthew Trudeau and his father Stephane (visiting from France) had a great time catching and release quite a few fish! Yes, the caught several Savannah Slams and then released them! So now you know it is time to go fish!

    A Savannah Slam Plus Two!
    Gary Sackett and son Tharon (both from Newnan, Georgia) had an unbleieveable inshore fishing day this past week. Who showed them the way? Captain Matt Williams of Miss Judy Charters. What did they catch? A Savannah Slam plus one! What is a Savannah Slam plus two? Red fish, spotted sea trout, flounder, black drum, and whiting!

    Inshore fishing report!

    Well here’s the inshore fishing catching deal....if you want to get your best chance at catching red fish, spotted sea trout, and flounder you need to used live shrimp as bait! And here’s the thing, if you can’t purchase it then I suggest getting out the old cast net. And I am not going to tell you that this is going to be an easy task, because sometimes to catch a few live shrimp for bait is quite a work out! What does this mean? You might find yourself throwing the net over a dozen times, but maybe not. And that’s exactly what fishing is all about!

    I always suggest having the old tackle box filled with assorted types of soft artificial lures. And I am also suggesting that some of them should be shrimp patterns. Another good artificial bait especially at this time of the year is a plain old fresh water worm. (You pick the length used) Don’t laugh my father and I caught many a fish while pitching the old plastic worm!

    Captain Kathy Brown of Miss Judy Charters is holding up a nice Spanish mackerel. What did this fish eat? 31/2 Drone spoon with blue flash
    I attached this spoon directly to main line using a 100 pound test snap swivel and pulled it way back behind all the other baits. I will admit this is an unusual set up. However, it catches fish more than not!

    Artificial Reefs 40 to 60 feet of water

    We still are having quite a Spanish King Mackerel trolling catching affair at the artificial reefs! Along with those biters we are catching blue fish, little tunny, blue runners, and skip jack!

    The best bait for these top water fish is going to be the ever popular Clark Spoon! I like using the 0 and 00 size spoons, which are also called small and mediums sizes. These lures work great when they are pitched, trolled behind small trolling sinkers (1, ½, 2 ounce trout sinkers), small birds, assorted size planers, and even when pulled naked! From past experiences I need to make sure you understand I meant that the lure is tired directly to the main line and actually you the fishermen are not fishing naked.
    The bottom fishing in these areas continues to be great one day and then not so good the next. I am just saying try it, because who knows the bottom bite might on. The best bait is going to be small cut pieces of cut squid. My father used to say, “The bigger the bait the bigger the fish!” Now I say, “When it comes to plain old bottom fishing smaller bait allows your fish to get closer to the hook quicker!”

    2019 Grouper Season is officially open!

    The live bottom areas and ledges located at the Savannah Snapper banks are known for holding the attentions of some nice gags, scamps and red grouper! If you plan on targeting large grouper it is important that you have the right bait. I suggest live baits such as ruby red lips, sand perch, rock bass, vermilion snapper, and pinfish. These bait work great when presented on Carolina style rigs with long leaders. Once your place is lipped hook on your circle hook it can swim somewhat freely, which in turn get the attentions of big fish such as grouper, genuine red snapper, and amberjack. These baits are normally watched and stalked before being eaten. If you are planning on using double hook bottom rig I suggest using cigar minnows or Spanish sardines as bait.

    These baits have lots of flash to offer and are considered quick fish attractors! Please remember that when targeting snapper grouper species you are require by regulations to use circle hooks! Please go here to find all the latest in federal fishing regulations! https://safmc.net/

    For those that want to take a trip to the Savannah Snapper Banks, please give us a call 912 897 4921. Captain Ken Kennickell, Captain Deidra Helmey Jeffcoat, Captain Kathy Brown and Captain Judy Helmey all of Miss Judy Charters are ready to go!

    I see one fish two fish three fish and is that trees growing down under in the lake? Give Mickey a call and let him show you the freshwater catching way!
    Mickey Holbrook GOT FISH! And if you want to go fishing in Lake Lanier give Mickey a call 470 262 6035

    Want to have some flying fun? Call 1 912 572 8055 Dave Myers

    Red is the color that they wore!

    What do all of these fishermen have in common? First: The all have a Miss Judy Charters shirt on! Why? They are members of the Miss Judy Charters Fishing Team! Second: All fishermen have are holding a hooked up genuine red snapper, which we could not keep! Why? Genuine red snapper season doesn’t open on July 2019! We have 5 fish days in which we can keep one snapper each with no size limit! Dates are July 12, 13, 14, 19, and 20th, 2019 (For more details, please give us a call 912 897 4921) Third: And the most important is all rigs have at least one Electron Fish Attractor! Who’s in the picture? Captain Steve “Triple Trouble” Howell is holding the biggest snap, Captain Terrell “Terrell” Gooding is hold the next to biggest fish and Captain Kathy Brown is definitely hooked up, but her fish is hanging, you just can’t see it. Why? It is hanging on her hook behind and in the shadow of Captain Steve big fish!
    Miss Judy Charters Fishing Team is sporting a secret weapon! And each double hook bottom rig has at least one Electron Fish Attractor. I am only using one electron per two hook bottom rig. Why? That’s all you need to get those fish to your hook! But if you want to really go crazy give two Electrons on each rig a try! I found when bottom fishing with 6 to 10 double hook rigs that two on each rig is too many and one is the perfect combination! Now what do I mean by too many? You can figure that out on your own! Where do you get them? www.lifesparkfishingtackle.com Why? I will answer this with a question..When you fish don’t you want your best chances at catching fish? I rest my case! Don’t you think it’s time to order some today?

    Bill Kurtz Senoia, GA is holding up a nice black fin tuna. Who showed him the way? Captain Ryan Howard of Miss Judy Charters! It is time to go! Give us a call 912 897 4921

    Bill Kurtz Senior, GA, Captain Ryan Howard Miss Judy Charters Mark Parten Morrow, GA and first mate John “Hammerhead” Fanning! The fishing team when a streaming and caught Mahih Mahi, black fin tuna, king mackerel, and released some pretty interest sharks. The bottom Bill and Mark had a fish fighting time. It started when they arrived and continued until it was time to head home!

    Gulf Stream Fishing
    MAHI MAHI MAHI MAHI MAHI MAHI MAHI! It is time to go! What’s biting? Mahi Mahi, (dolphin) tuna, Wahoo, and bill fish. Where? Triple ledge, South Ledge, Deli ledge, and any formed rips to the east! And who will show you the way? Captain Ryan Howard of Miss Judy Charters 912 897 4921!
    For free online temperature sea surface charts go too:

    While fishing with Captain Ryan Howard of Miss Judy Charter Mark Parten Morrow, GA caught this nice mahi mahi!

    Bill Kurtz Senior, GA, Captain Ryan Howard Miss Judy Charters Mark Parten Morrow, GA and first mate John “Hammerhead” Fanning! The fishing team went a streaming and caught Mahih Mahi, black fin tuna, king mackerel, and released some pretty interest sharks. The bottom Bill and Mark had a fish fighting time. It started when they arrived and continued until it was time to head home!

    Thanks for reading! Captain Judy
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