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  • Creating a Bass Fishing Bite

    Bass fishing is a different animal when it comes to catching fish, no other type of fishing can compare as most other types of fish bite to eat something and feed where bass respond and strike. When it comes to catching bass I always tell my customers if your going to be a good bass fisherman you have to learn to create a bite as there are many times that bass just do not eat and getting them to strike is the only way to catch one. The key is: how do you create a bite?

    This is where bass fishing becomes different you just donít throw a bait in the water and wait until a bass decides its hungry; your bait must entice a bass to strike it. Most bass fisherman fish with artificial baits, this also changes the dynamics of bass fishing as it increases the need to create a bite vs. find a hungry bass. Many times, its some type of movement, noise, color or speed that causes bass to react and strike and for the fisherman deciding which of these is key to catching. There is no one thing that I can tell you always creates a bite and here is where you must use your thought process, your creativity and experience to get a bass to respond to your bait. This aspect of bass fishing is the one that separates the best from the best; use youíre your mind, your wrist, your pole, your reel and try different ways to move that bait until one works. When you find a movement that works, unhook your fish and do it again to see if it creates another opportunity.

    The important aspect of creating a bite is many times its movement over all the other things we as bass fisherman talk about that is the difference maker. One thing I always do when itís tough is asking my customers what is their confidence bait, what bait do you believe in? The reason itís the bait they create a bite with more than any others; they may not realize it but its true. Creating a bite is an art, itís the difference maker and if you put your creativity to test every time you go bass fishing it will pay dividends.

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