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  • The Affect of Current in Deep Water

    The hot summer and effect of 90 plus water temperature is taking most anglers out to the deep water, some are successful others are not. There is a reason and those who have figured it out are benefiting. When you get on your deep spot and wonder why those fish were there one day and appeared to be gone the next I think you need to examine the elements that being is there current moving or not. Is there enough movement of the water in the deep to position the bass to feed as well as create oxygen?

    In the current bass tend to position themselves so they can take advantage of the current and feed easily, so an ambush spot is the key to finding those fish? The job you have is determining where they will be positioned on deep structure, determining the angle and side of the deep structure is key to getting a bite. So angles become a very important part of deep structure fishing, work the structure from several angles until you get a bite. Take mental note of the position of your boat it will tell you how the bass have positioned and lead you to the correct position on the structure and probably other structures you will fish while the current is moving. Boat position is the key; I canít tell you the number of times I tell someone to work at an angle while Iím guiding, just donít fish and edge or drop from one position work all the angles until you figure it out what side of the structure the bass are feeding from.

    Over the years I have heard some of our best deep water fisherman say, that placing your bait across a deep spot in the right position or proper alignment of your boat is the difference maker, or more easily said lining up properly is the key to fishing many of the deep structure areas of the lake. You must know the key position to get the bite. Take your time work your deep structure spots until you find that key boat position it is the difference maker! Understand the current pull, it will position the bass into the current for them to feed, and allow you to drift the bait into their feeding position.

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