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  • Captain Dave Hanson is a native of southwest Florida. He has been fishing local waters since childhood, and has been fishing professionally for over fifteen years. He is Coast Guard licensed, and is a member in good standing of the Bonita Springs Chamber of Commerce. He has been quoted and featured in several national fishing magazines, and he also appears weekly in the fishing reports sections of the local paper.

  • South West Florida Fishing Report - FL

    Fishbuster Charters' Captain Dave Hanson reported, "Gary Hourselt and Melissa Sawin fished 36 miles offshore with me on Monday, 6/24. Using cut-bait and squid, they caught six keeper grunts, six keeper lane snapper all around 11 inches, ten porgies to 24 inches, sixteen yellowtail snapper, including one keeper, a 14-inch keeper mangrove snapper, twenty red grouper shorts to 19 inches, and a 37-inch cobia. They also released an 8-foot tiger shark, after a 45 minute battle."

    1.) Angler Valoyd Glover with a 27-inch king mackerel,caught on squid and released 18 miles west of New Pass on a recent offshore Fishbuster Charter.

    2.) Angler Valoyd Glover releasing a 300+ pound goliath grouper, caught on a bait-fish 18 miles west of New Pass on a recent offshore Fishbuster Charter. Valoyd went home with sore arms and a happy heart!

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