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  • Rigging for Deep Cranking

    When the summertime hits most of us that love to fish the deep ledges, enjoy the challenge of deep cranking baiting; itís a technique that has challenged the best of fisherman and will continue. There are however many keys to making a day deep successful; but its not easy and you must start with the basics; meaning proper rigging especially rods, reels and line.

    Proper rods and reels is a must, if youíre not set up correctly with the correct reel speed, rod length and line size you will find deep cranking extremely difficult; most fisherman just donít get enough chances to deep crank and when they do its tough physically but rigging changes all that. The rigging can make a day of deep cranking fun or it can make it difficult and physically testing but if you choose your gear with knowledge it will make all the difference in the world for you. Here are some suggestions on how I would rig and some ideas on why you rig this way!

    Reels are the key to the physically ability you must have to deep crank if you stay to a 5:1:1 at a maximum in reel speed or slower it reduces the resistance on you while driving the reel to the depth and speed it takes to catch deep bass. Fishing rods, must be at least 7 ft. 11 in. in length so you can make long casts, bass as I have said many times are followers unless they are competing for food and the longer the cast the more chance you have of a strike from a following bass. There is a technique called long lining that allows deep crank baiting to place their bait extreme distances from the pull area the idea is to catch following fish from the cranking point and to get the bait to its deepest depth. Your fishing line is also a key element to catching deep fish while crank baiting, your line must not be heavier than 12 lb. test, but 10 or 8 lb. test is better. The lighter the line the deeper the crank bait goes down to the fish. Itís a good idea to set up a couple of reels with different line size before you hit the water so you can get your crank bait to the fish, and have some fun!

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