• Pickwick Lake Fishing Report - TN

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  • Enjoy fishing in Pickwick Tennessee or anywhere in the Pickwick area with an experienced area guide. We will take you on a guided fishing trip for Smallmouth and Largemouth Bass,WhiteBass, Stripers(Rockfish),Catfish,Sauger and other Tennessee River fish. We take individuals and groups.We do half days and whole days. We provide all the tackle for the trip.We also provide drinks but your welcome to bring your own.

  • Pickwick Lake Fishing Report - TN

    Pickwick Lake Elevation 414.5
    Water temp 72

    Most bass are in deeper water. I have caught the largest number of bass in approximately 15í of water. Most of the fish are caught on a carolina rigged Rage Tail Lizards or Rage Craws or natural colored Series6 crank baits. Grassy flats are accounting for a lot of the bass we are catching using a carolina rig or Red Eyed Shad. Ledges off of the flats are holding a lot of bass and I am using a carolina rig and crank bait when fishing the ledges. I am not sure when they will close the flood gates this week but I am sure it will change the location of the bass.

    The best baits are small grubs, Strike King crank baits and inline spinners. We have caught more white bass below the dam. Fishing along the main river banks. When current is running strong you are sure to catch a limit.

    When yellow tails minnows are present you can catch a lot of stripers. You can troll a deep diving crank bait in the late afternoon and catch a few stripers that way as well. Right before dark have big top water bait ready because they are starting to come to the surface. Make sure you use a top water bait that moves a lot of water when it is moving across the turbulent surface.

    Catfish are bitting good right now. They are bitting night crawlers in 5-15'. We are catching a large number on big flats.

    Most people report crappie are bitting in 16-18' on hair jigs.
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