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  • The Art of Top Water Baits

    No bait in the bass fishing world requires more thought than fishing a top water bait; it really doesnít matter which top water bait your fishing with if it fishes on top then you must put some thought into what your doing. The key is to try and emulate something being chased like a small bait fish, or a frog moving over the grass; these presentations force you to use your bait as an attractant that gets the attention of the bass when youíre moving it.

    One thing that accomplishes this is what many refer to as cadence, the ability to present you top water bait with a simulated movement that has an enticing set of patterns to the movement is key! One thing I always work with my customers with when I have them in the boat is making your bait enticing and movement with designed patterns makes the bait enticing; your job is to come up with a cadence that gets you bit. Itís also important to understand that different presentations change the sound or different cadence, change the movement; making it very important to utilize different thought processes while fishing these baits. Let your mind lead you to different sounds and different cadences; this will allow you to attract fish at different depths as well as from different distances from the bait. Bass have unique sound ability that are enhanced by lateral lines along there body that feel sound; and sometimes just changing the cadence causes them to become curious and strike a top water bait.

    There are also many top water baits that are designed to make a certain noise when moved properly, like pop-rís. If you donít make the bait, make the noise it was designed for the bait can be ineffective and you will find yourself frustrated with the lack of results. One way to understand the designed noise of the bait is to just look it up on u-tube, I guarantee you that there is a video available of ways to utilize just about any top water bait on the market. Most top water baits have a very specific sound they were designed to emulate and when moved properly you will repeat that sound and catch fish.

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