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    At the age of 5 through 7 this was my power house! It was 31/2 horsepower outboard Evinrude motor. It had a two-blade propeller that thrust it forward at least 5 to 8 knots. My boat was a 12 foot wooden row boat. Yes, it leaked like a sieve! However, even as a young child, I knew that if your row boat didnít have water in it at all time the planks that held it together would shrink! And what would happen when the planks started shrinking? The boat would start leaking like a sieve! I say this all of the time...during the wooden boat era, when you didnít have water in the bilge of your boat; you could possibly find yourself in a possible sinking event. In the fiberglass era, if you had water in the boat you were-a-sinking!

    ďNo Fishing TodayĒ

    My father was quite a prankster. He loved to play tricks on his charter customers. He had a special line that he always used when introduced to someoneís wife. He would always say, ďThatís not the same wife you introduced to me on your last trip.Ē It usually went over big for a quick laugh, but I remember this one particular time that it didnít. After presenting his favorite line faces on the victims started to fall from smiling to not so happy looks. My father tried to quickly recover from his mistake, but it wasnít working. He tried to explain that it was just a standard joke of his, but the lady didnít seem to think so. From what I could see apparently her husband did have more than one so-called wife! No fishing today!

    Thanks for reading! Captain Judy