• It That Time! Frog Time On Guntersville!

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  • Professional Fishing Guides for Lake Guntersville in Alabama. We fish out of a Phoenix Bass Boat with Duckett Rods n Reels We will utilize lasted in electronics by Lowrance And a host of tackle, all provided for you. Please feel free to bring you own gear if you are more comfortable doing so. . We also provide bottle water and ice. We are now offering Smallmouth trips!

  • It That Time! Frog Time On Guntersville!

    Summer Continues To Cook Us Here On Guntersville & The Bass Keep Biting! Sure the heat has been pretty intense at times, but all it has done is help the grass grow and the bass have made the move to it and are getting set up in it.
    Water Temps 77-85 Dingy to Clear just depends on the part of the lake.
    Fished the ABA Open Series Championship: Managed to get 6th place day one didn't give up any big bites and day two did so I'll take it. This past weekend was hot and to keep your mind in it for two days it took keeping your mind in it so you didn't miss a bite.
    The Guide Trips have been fun with catching fish on a variety of baits, with a cool down in the near future the end of September is looking to be a great time, the frog bite should be on I mean on for the next two weeks so if thats what gets your blood pumping then its time to get in the boat with us and get some explosions.
    Heres some pics.

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    Capt. Jim
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