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  • Heat of the Summer

    As always, the hot summer can be very discouraging; not only is it hot but it seems the grass nats can drive you crazy and there are big gapes of time between bites! When it is hot, and the sun is bearing down on you the only thing that takes your mind off the conditions is catching fish! Yes; catching fish does fix what ails you without a doubt. The trouble is that it is not easy and concentration and attention to detail is key to catching. The little things can be everything and you must overcome the elements and be tolerant of the elements.

    One of the best ways to get your mind right is to ignite a school of fish, and this can be done in many ways and is generally accomplished in the heat of the summer. There are certain presentations that I believe ignite the bite like this; top water baits like Spooks, Pop-rís are a good first choice, rattle baits, square bills and deep running crank baits like the Spro Little John DD series baits that accomplishes this. Active bass are generally located where the shallowest water meets the deepest water, and this is always a way to fire up a school that is hunting food. The key to doing this is recognizing where the active fish are on your Lowrance electronics and the position of the fish as it relates to the bottom is a key to catching and hence motivating the bass to bite.

    Looking for bait fish movement is also a good way to find some activity; this time of year, there is large numbers of bait fish schools to choose from. Once you have found some bait igniting a bite can just be a matter of bait choice. I try to change baits until one of my choices works then stick with it to see if it will ignite other fish to bite. One of the worst things that can happen is to get the bass turned on then let them calm down by not having a bait in the water. Igniting the bass to bite is fun, it takes your mind off the elements and can really put some big fish in the boat in a short period of time!

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