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  • A-Rig is Getting Hot Again

    The craze of the A-Rig has spread to all parts of the country with pros making videos of big fish being caught on the A-rig all over the country. Major League fishing keeping it on the approved lure list and smaller circuits using it as a big-time fish catcher. If you watch some of the big fish shows on television many of the anglers are exclusively using the A-rig to find the big bite. There have also been several fish on Guntersville caught over 10 lbs. in the early spring and recently with one over 13 lbs. In Tennessee there was a tournament won recently with a total weight of 44 lbs. all indications they were caught on A-Rigs.

    Even though for me this winter the A-rig has not been as productive as other baits, this has been of my own choosing not to fish it as much because of the danger of all the hooks in the boat with customers. I also think that the different manufacturers of the A-rig are starting to create different versions of it so the bait can be fished at different depths with more flash and for a variety of fish species. Many of the manufacturers have taken weight out of the bait and reduced the size of the wire and added willow leaf blades for flash, to improve presentation. These changes have made it easier to fish, not quit as heavy and improved its strength.

    The other change is that the A-rig is being fished in more types of cover and at different depths than the original use presented, itís become a more versatile bait. The pressure of the A-rig being fished by so many is pushing the fish and changing some of their normal migration paths. Allowing anglers to move to creeks, shallow water, points and river ledge areas to find the fish that will hit it. The good news is that as the migration path changed the A-rig manufacturers were ahead of the curve and did many of the things to allow the bait to be fished in shallower water. The thing that hasnít changed on the A-rig is it is a young manís bait as most average and older fisherman are physically challenged to fish with it!

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