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  • Is the Jig Bite History

    Over the many years I have been fishing for a living baits seem to come and go like your favorite meals do. One year the bite is strong on a certain bait the next you canít get a fish to hit it. The traditional jig at least for me has been going through this now for several years. I have memories of catching fish and big fish back in the early 2000ís time frame and then its been hard to get a bite on a jig. The jig bite became hard to get and I started getting away from it and changing to other baits.

    I believe this change is once again turning back to a stronger bite and the jig bite is coming back. I see signs of it lately and especially this early part of the fall. Working a jig on the bottom off the edges of the grass on Guntersville is proving to catch fish again and as is always the case the jig bite generally finds the bigger fish. I do believe that itís still a slow-moving bait that requires you to let it drop slowly to the bottom and crawl it over the bottom structure wiggling and stroking it as you move it along. I also see some change to the type of jig I have been fishing as for many years the best bite came on a football head type jig and now it appears the bite is back to a traditional head lightly weighted so it slowly drops to the bottom.

    With the onset of Tungsten heads on jigs the smaller profile jig is seeing a resurgence around grass as the profile allows you to drop it into a grass edge and not have it get caught up as the traditional head did. Picasso Lures has been innovative on the Tungsten type head forming a style that is made to work in and through the grass with less hang-ups yet still getting some good action as it drops. Many jig fishermen are now stroking a jig and the tungsten design is easier to rip upward out of the grass and fall back attracting a strike as it drops. The jig bite is back, and bigger fish love it.

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