• The Truth About Electronics & Fishing

    Every time I get someone in my boat that has something to say about the electronics, they utilize on their boats there is a mixed bag of opinions; we here some good some bad and some ugly. The truth is no matter what manufacturer you choose there is many ways it is viewed by those who use them every day. It also can be said that opinions are generally based on what their latest issue, or need might be as they try to upgrade or just make their electronics on their boat better.

    Also, itís true that everyone that is spending money on todays expensive boats want the very best of electronics, making choices very difficult for most as the opinions of who has the best of the best differs like art in an art gallery. Itís very easy in todays world to spend 10 to 15 thousand dollars on your electronics; the cost alone makes those using the equipment feel that what they bought should be perfect. The bottom line is none of todays electronic equipment is perfect; it all has flaws, and all has positives and negatives. Part of the reason is that we all have opinions on how the product set up should work and what should be easy or not and for most it drives them nuts if they donít get it right the first time. The bottom line is no manufacturer has all the answers all they can do in todayís world is continually trying to improve, listen to their customers and improve the things that make sense. This is done in a couple of ways, continually expanding their technology and coming out with next generation product or sending out software fixes that improve the units you use today. Because of the cost the software fix is the easiest solution, but software doesnít change everything so the need to improve with next generation becomes paramount and of course the customer is caught in the middle as new products drive us to purchase and improve our boats.

    The best advice I can give you is to spend time learning what you have, donít be afraid of messing something up as it can always be fixed and become efficient at what you have and how you use it.

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