• Fishing Report, Lake Guntersville 11/23/19

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  • Fishing Report, Lake Guntersville 11/23/19

    Awesome week on the water, the cold and rain has turned the fish on; the bites were up, the activity was up and catching was fun. As November comes and goes, we will follow into December with some good late fall fishing and probably wonít stall until we really get cold. I for one am looking forward to it!

    We stuck to reaction baits most of the week, fishing SPEO Aruka Shad rattle baits, Tight-Line swim jigs, Picasso spinner baits most of the week. At times it was easy as there was plenty of activity all you had to do was pull a reaction bait through the feeding fish. We stuck most of the week in less than 10 ft. of water looking for grass and structure.

    Come fish with me no one will treat you better or work harder to see you have a great day on the water. I have guides and days all December available to fish with you; itís time to book your 2020 fishing, call us we look forward to hearing from you. We fish with great sponsor products, Lowrance Electronics, Missile Baits, Ranger boats, Boat Logix mounts, Duckett Fishing, Vicious Fishing, Navionics mapping, Power Pole, Dawson boat Center and more.

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