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  • Fishing Things to be Thankful For

    As we progress to the end of the year and the holidays start to make us think of the past, present, and future I find as Thanksgiving approaches that we as fishermen have plenty to be thankful for! Itís really easy to get caught up in the day you caught your personal best, but did you ever think that years of research and technology have changed fishing and will affect it for a long time to come.

    Just consider the change alone in trolling motor technology, the strength of the motor is the greatest its ever been, the ability to lock yourself on a spot with the trolling motor is beyond most of our wildest dreams; the pure fact that it can lock onto your mapping and follow a contour is nothing short of amazing. The use of 36 volts and brushless technology is beyond approach; the amazing thing is it didnít happen by chance, folks with great minds and probably wild dreams developed this and we should be thankful for their commitment to making fishing better for all.

    Boats and motors have progressed to a point beyond my dreams; when I first started boating motors were a daily up-keep as they always broke down and you could not hardly finish a day on the water without a problem. Boats were at best capable of speeds up to 35 MPH and past that you would take your life in your own hands. Todays boats and motors are 4 stroke technology that will last for years without a problem with just a little maintenance. The boats are smooth and cut the water with precision and run over waves that years ago would scare you to death. There finished like glass bowls and sustain high speeds that one would never have believed not to long ago.

    Yes, itís time to be thankful as the fishing industry is healthier than itís ever been, we have the best equipment, baits and clothing available to make a day on the water more fun than its ever been. Itís time to give thanks to all the great companies that have spent time, money and energy developing what we all take for granite today; yes, they have made money, but we have benefitted from their wealth just like they have!

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