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  • Keys to Fall Fishing

    Itís the time of year where you must be aware of the surroundings, all the natural signs mean something in the late fall. Birds diving, bait popping, loons diving, moon phases, water temperature and more add up to what you must make yourself aware of to have a successful day fishing. If you head to the water and donít try to be aware of these nature producing habits and read the signs nature gives you then it will be easy to have a bad day on the water.

    Not only do the natural signs tell you what is going on they also lead you to the correct presentation. As an example chasing bait or birds diving can also tell you how and or what depth you should be looking too in order to find feeding fish. An example is sea gulls; we all know sea gulls feed on top of the water so if your fishing a jig deep for example you might want to consider changing to a rattle bait, or swim jig and fish the upper surface area in order to present your bait where the feeding is occurring. We all know that bass like to feed and compete for food as they are really a competitive fish; this competitiveness allows you to also make choices of baits and speeds at which you retrieve your bait. Many times the faster you retrieve a bait the more the bass compete for it and in the late fall when their schooling and chasing speed reeling can get you bites you may not normally get when slowly presenting a bait like you have had to do all summer.
    Not many folks pay attention to the moon phase, but I believe that this late fall time of year the bass tend to be active in the dark moon and a few days before the full moon.

    That time between the two phases from full to dark moon makes them active and may very well be the key to their last on-slaught of intense feeding before they go dormant for the winter. Its also good to see a little sun light during this period as the sun groups up the bass and when you get into them you generally catch several off one spot. Let the natural signs lead you!

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