• Richland Chambers Fishing Report - TX

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  • Our names are Royce and Adam Simmons and we operate Gone Fishin Guide Service on Beautiful Lake Richland Chambers on the fringes of East Texas. As avid lifetime fishermen and outdoorsmen, we hope that we can pass along to you our love and excitement for fishing and the outdoors so that you can create and store away memories between you, your family, and your friends for a lifetime.

  • Richland Chambers Fishing Report - TX

    Fishing Friends,

    It's time to get out my "Crystal Ball" and make a bold prediction about Springtime and Fishing on Lake Richland Chambers! 🙂 As of mid February, we've had very little really cold Wintertime temperatures and for the most part almost Springlike conditions from December till today! But if you've lived in Texas for very long, you know that can change literally overnight.

    Let's assume the current mild weather continues right on in to March and signals in an early Spring arrival. My prediction would be that we will have the opportunity to continue to catch LOTS of Blue & Channel Catfish just the way we've been doing the past couple of months. The Catfish will be in the timber near Crab Creek until late March or April. However, I also bet we'll be able to catch the White Bass and Hybrid Stripers on the Main Lake in areas like the 309 Flats and Pelican Island. The Whites are there now and depending on more rainfall, (The Lake is FULL after last week's heavy rains!) rising Creeks and a mass exodus to spawn, they may be there all the way thru the Spring. The Whites and Hybrids did not show up on the Main Lake last year until April, but in years past we've had early spawns and fish were out of the Creeks and back to the Main Lake by late February. If the Whites spawn on the Main Lake, check out windblown points and you'll find spawning fish. As for the Crappie fishermen, it seems that regardless of the conditions, April is the BEST month to find the fish spawning in shallow water coves and tributary creeks. The Crappie will make their move to shallow water depending on the area of the Lake, water temperature, rainfall amounts effecting the lake level and the full moon timeframe. Just keep checking your favorite Springtime spots and they will show up one day and be there for the next 30 days or so!

    Spring is sometimes a difficult Season for fishermen to find and stay on a pattern for catching the fish of their choice. Weather is most volatile in the Spring and the Cool Fronts, Rainfall and Temperature changes all effect the fish. Spring is the busiest Season of the year for Adam and me as folks know it can sometime be difficult to catch fish, but also very rewarding and a FULL ICE CHEST of fish is more the norm than the exception! Our Customers hire us and let us help them shorten the Learning Curve! Give us a call and let us help you maximize your Spring fishing time and learn a few new tricks to put in your bag of fishing knowledge!

    Check us out at www.gonefishin.biz or call 903-389-4117.

    Royce & Adam Simmons
    Gone Fishin' Guide Service
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