• Chickamauga Lake Fishing Report

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  • Chickamauga Lake Fishing Report

    Water level:682.01 (Summer Pool 683)
    Water Temp:65-69 (this varies a lot due to the cold nights)

    Its been a different Spring this year for sure. Still canít get rid of this cold weather, later in the week were still going to have night time temps into the mid 30ís to mid-40ís. Regardless the bass are biting and thereís a lot of fish spawning!

    The water level has come up letting the fish start spawning around the cattails and yellow flowers! I really love when I can put a Lewís flipping stick in my hands and flip all day. Iíve been fishing the back of creeks and backwater areas in the Dayton area in the river section of the lake.

    Iím flipping a ZOOM Z Craw and a ZOOM Baby Brush Hog, in Blueberry (Black with blue flake) and green Pumpkin. A lot of the water isnít real stained up so Iím catching more on green pumpkin. If itís seems a little stained, I will dip the tail in chartreuse dye and this really makes a big difference. I usually use ZOOMís Dye Marker so I donít have to worry about spilling dye on the carpet of my Phoenix!
    If I run into more muddy water from the rain then the Blue berry or Sapphire has been best. So, an angler needs to have all those colors on hand. It will make a big difference in how many fish you catch at the end of the day.

    I always flip with Lewís 7ft-6 Custom lite flipping stick and a Lewís Pro speed spool spooled with 25lb Seaguar Abraz X fluorocarbon. I will use a ľ ounce Pro Tungsten weight if its not to windy, if Iím having trouble with the wind then I will go with a 3/8 Pro Tungsten. The lighter weight will get you way more bites! Iím going behind a lot of boats and catching several fish behind them. I feel its because the lighter weight is giving my Z Craw and Baby Brush hog way more life like action. Plus, with the light weight it will force you to fish slower. Which is super important. Were fishing for bedding bass that we canít see! Not feeding fish! Thereís a big difference in how you need to present your bait!

    Thereís still some fish on the channel banks to, but I have done better myself shallow. I know thereís already been a few groups of bass spawn on Chickamauga and an angler can catch them on the channel banks and some of the main lake gravel bars, the current isnít real fast right now so the main lake gravel bars could produce some big post spawn females.

    With the grass starting to grow in the guts of the bays and flats, an angler can catch some post spawn fish in it as well. I would fish swim baits, chatterbaits and a big bladed spinnerbait in the grass. Keep in mind the water is still cold and we still havenít had our shad spawn yet, so I donít feel that thereís enough fish that would have moved out on any of the ledges yet, because most of the food is still shallow. When the shad spawn is over, they will begin to move out and thatís when the bass will move out! They will be where the food source is. And the main food source here is the shad!

    I still have days available in May and June.
    June will be here soon and the ledge bite will be happening! Soí if you like to do a trip feel free to call, text or email me!

    Be safe on the water and good fishing!

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