• Top 10 Ways to Catch Bass During the Post Spawn on Lake Guntersville

    My Top Ten Ways to find and catch bass in Lake Guntersville Alabama in the Post spawn time.

    1. It appears over the past several years that the grass is starting to get fairly thick in Guntersville when the fish are coming off the bed because of that the first way to find fish in the post spawn time frame is to find the grass. The fish will hold to the grass edges and you can bet on a bite when the grass has some fair thickness to it.

    2. The next way is to stay in the 3 to 5 ft. range as the grass is growing only in the shallow water at this time and you must stay shallow to find fish.

    3. Work yourself out to the main river points as the bass are moving out of the back creeks, and holding near the river points, they want to have access to the deeper water, should the sun get real bright.

    4. Look for the minnows or shad, as they will follow the bait especially as the water warms in the post spawn time frame. If you donít see grass and shad you are probably wasting your time.

    5. Look for a change in depth of the grass on your electronics, if you donít find that the bottom is irregular the fish will not hold in grass that is flat or evenly spaced. The bottom must produce ambush points and irregular grass lines will hold the fish.

    6.Stay away from the mossy type grass, a bass does not like this texture of grass, and move when the bottom gets mossy; look for the tall stringy type of hydrilla. You canít miss it on your depth finder it looks like stringy tops on your electronics. This holds the fish, and allows them more ambush area to feed.

    7. Once you have located the correct area of the lake slow your baits down especially that 1st week or so that the bass come off the bed. Senkoís and or Yum Dingerís are your early best bet. The fish are slow and tired from the spawn and do not want to work hard to feed. A trick to help the senko work correctly in the wind is to use a swivel and leave about a 12-inch leader, it adds a little weight and does not change the presentation.

    8. Work a worm, lizard or tube slowly in the grass edges, let this bait lay on the bottom. The bass will pick it up off the bottom as they again do not want to work hard to feed, shake the worm or wiggle it to get some reaction from the lethargic bass during this time of the post spawn.

    9. As the post spawn moves into a 3rd week removed the bass start looking for ditches or irregular grass lines, like horse-shoe areas with 3 ft. of grass on 3 sides and 8 ft. of depth in the middle. Now its time to slow roll that spinner bait off that hump or down that ditch, look for the bait fish to follow the spinner bait because if they are there you can bet the bass are.

    10. If the spinner-bait bite doesnít work then throw your lizard or worm into this grass edge let it get to the bottom and stay there for a few seconds then again shake it to cause some reaction. Work it down the grass edge; donít give up on this bait if you donít get an early bite. Use your boat to change the presentation, work from the shallow edge and throw into the deep and work it up the grass, a lot of times changing the presentation with boat position will produce a bite.

    If you follow these suggestions while fishing Guntersville I promise you will find and catch the bass. Be persistent fish hard, hours on the water will pay off. Come fish with me, weíll have a great time.
    Put them back alive guys and help me preserve our great resource Lake Guntersville, Alabama.