• Summertime Weather Affects the Bite

    As we move on into the summer everything, we thought we understood about the affect of the weather changes; bass fishing changes and the different weather patterns change. In the winter we dealt with many cold fronts, cold rain, then sunny days with water temperatures generally on the rise. The summer many things change, we have warm rain, bright sunny hot days, thunder, and lightning storms all this changes from winter to summer; and so, does the patterns.

    The most notable change to me is the affect of the thunderstorms, believe it or not the loud thunder and snaps of lightning do change what the fish were doing before the storm set in. You may have been out on the water catching fish in 8 ft. of water and then you ran to hide from a storm for 30 minutes go back right out to the same spot when the storm passes; low and behold no bites. What changed was the storm, the lightning drove the fish off the pattern they were feeding on and into deeper water to protect themselves from the noise and the lightning strikes, the bait moved, the bass moved and you have to start all over again to find a pattern. There are a couple of choices for you when this occurs; if the weather stabilizes generally after about an hour the bait and the bass will move back to their respective feeding spots you were catching on before the storm. If the weather stays active with unsettled weather in the background you best move deeper and look to find where those fish, you were catching moved too.

    Also the winter sun is well known for grouping up the bass so they compete for food during the mid-part of the day, unfortunately in the heat and sun of the midday summer my experience is the bright sunny part of the day moves them apart and they suspend and become lethargic. The sun depletes the oxygen levels and they move to areas away from the thermocline and look for pockets of increased oxygen levels. If your skilled with electronics you can find the thermocline and find bass in the oxygen levels below it. Understand the weather and you will catch more fish!

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