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  • Bass Love Edges

    As we progress into the post spawn bite nothing can be simpler than locating fish on edges along structure. It is a pattern that has held up for many years; once the bass come off the bed your knowledge of where to fish and what type of structure can be limited to just finding edges. Doing this gives you a chance on every cast to catch a bass, it puts you in position to find bass feeding, combine edges with a little current and you can have a great day on the water.

    When you have current, structure, grass and the edge of a hump or drop you have the best opportunity to catch fish and put some really good bass in the boat. It is easy fishing, you do not have to search much, fair electronics with sonar showing drops and the edges will pay dividends that will put you on the fish. It is bass fishing 101 and the most inexperienced bass fisherman can have some fun, catch some fish, and leave the lake with some great memories of their day on the water. Regardless of age, fishing experience, time on the water you can be a successful bass fisherman by just locating edges and looking for bass. Sometimes the type of edge makes a difference.

    The only tip I can give you is be observant when you catch a fish on an edge; is the edge a steep drop, a gradual drop, does it drop into deep water or into a flat? These are keys to look for that determine what type of edge you should look for in order to get your next bite. On lakes like Guntersville many times the type of grass edge is also a good indicator for you to get the next bite. Guntersville has several types of grass, milfoil, hydrilla, coon-tail, eel grass, star grass and many times bass prefer one over the other. It also should be noted that this preference can change daily so donít be stuck on one grass type for long periods of time, or many days in a row as bass will relocate with pressure and change the structure they adhere too. Edges, structure, current are all parts of an easy way to locate bass.

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